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by materialsDIRECTadmin

  • Posted on July 30, 2008

  • News

No investment has returned more consistent long-term returns over the past fifty years than real estate, and the past decade has been even more lucrative. Many homeowners, that purchased their homes at least five years ago, have enjoyed a return of 500-600% on their investment (down payment and monthly payments.) Mortgage values have more than doubled, providing some homeowners with enough cash on hand to sell their homes and build their dream homes with the equity.

One strategy for homeowners to dramatically reduce the cost of construction is to supervise their own building projects, instead of hiring a General Contractor. This solution works well particularly for homeowners that possess advanced construction expertise and connections; but, that doesn’t mean inexperienced homeowners are out of luck—to the contrary! A popular DIY home-builder consulting firm, UBuildIt, provides novice owner-builders with the support they need to manage their own residential construction projects. UBuildIt counsels homeowners as they interact with subcontractors, vendors and permitting agencies.

“For as long as I’ve been with UBuildIt, if the client insisted on buying his own materials, we’ve directed them to use a combination of home improvement stores and trade shops to buy manufactured items… …but our partnership with materialsDIRECT changes everything!” says Randy Tutor of UBuildIt, “Now, our clients can buy finish materials like plumbing and lighting fixtures, appliances, kitchen cabinets and flooring from materialsDIRECT, though us—we split the savings, which can be as much as 60%.” In fact, his share of the savings was easily more than his consulting fee.

materialsDIRECT makes it easy for residential construction service companies like UBuildIt, as well as contractors, architects and designers to earn retail profits while passing on big savings to their clients. We work closely with building and remodeling professionals to provide quality and selection. Our radically optimized supply chain reduces the number of times a product changes hands, which cuts the cost dramatically.

UbuildIt doesn’t handle commercial projects, but materialsDIRECT does; in fact, we provide the same supply chain for multi-housing, entertainment destinations, hospitality, retail and high-rise, as well as energy solutions, design, project management and sustainability.

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